Millenium Kapital Limited

MKL works with experienced investors looking to grow their portfolios, along with guiding first-time investors new to the market in establishing a portfolio which will generate the highest return with mitigated risks.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd and in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Limited Pte Ltd.

Current Corporate  Strategy

Millenium Kapital is currently in the exciting process of bringing our BVI arm (Millenium Kapital Ltd "MKL") public on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia. We are in our final Pre IPO round raising, with the intention of seeking a listing in the first half of 2020. The stock is intended to IPO at 5p.

MKL Strategy in Summary:

  • Intending to dual list on “Standard” on the London Stock Exchange and on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia.
  • Working with our Associate company in Sierra Leone to acquire Mining Tenements in the Zimmi area, which are known to contain the much sought after Yellow Canary Diamonds that carry a premium over other Yellow Diamonds.

What this means for our Investors...

Early investors who come into the final pre IPO round at 1p have the potential to realize 400% or more after the intended  IPO at 5p.

More importantly, for the early stage Pre IPO investors, this presents an opportunity for an early ROI on their investments while mitigating the downside risks. In becoming a public listed entity, investors are able to exit after the listing at a time of their own choosing depending on their investment risk profile.

Our Business Model

MKL's business model is to have a dual listed company up and running with an early stage asset that has a significant blue sky potential. Once listed, MKL will look at injecting professionals with relevant industry experience to move the company forward successfully. In order to mitigate the exploration risks, besides having the Mining Tenements, MKL intends to purchase raw diamonds from the artisanal miners around the area in order to generate revenue at an early stage. By generating revenues in its first year of operations, the investment in MKL will be an attractive proposition.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Cyril D’Silva

Executive Chairman / CEO

Cyril D’Silva was the Founder and Ex-Chairman of London listed Golden Saint Resources Ltd (LN:…

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Robert Nigel Chapman


A UK qualified Geologist with 29 years’ international experience in precious, base metal, iron ore,…

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Lina Tirado


Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Applied Finance, Lina Tirado…

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Executive Technical Team

Robert Nigel Chapman

Chief Operating Officer

A UK qualified Geologist with 29 years’ international experience in precious, base metal, iron ore,…

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Alimamy R. Wurie

Technical Consultant

Mr. Alimamy R. Wurie is a Sierra Leonean by nationality. He was employed as a…

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Hassan Abass Kargbo

Exploration and Technical Manager

Hassan graduated with a Master’s degree in Structural geology and Economic geology from North Dakota…

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Management Team

Yuliana Roa


Yuliana has eight years of experience in general ledger, reconciliations and streamlining reports in the…

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David Rogers

General Manager (Millenium Kapital (Africa) Limited)

David is a Human Capital Development expert with over 20 year’s industry experience in the…

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Our Advisors

The following entities have been appointed to assist with preparing MKL for IPO in the last quarter of 2019.

English Law

Hill Dickinson LLP
The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street
London EC2A 2EW

Australian Law

Price Sierakowski
Level 24,StMartins Tower
44 St GeorgerTerrace
Perth WA 6000


Computershare Investor Services
Woodbourne Hall
Road Town, Tortola, VG 1110
British Virgin Islands 


RSM Corporate Finance LLP
25 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4AB

British Virgin Islands Law

Walkers (Singapore) Limited Liability Partnership
3 Church Street
#16-02 Samsung Hub
Singapore 049483

Private Investment Platform

Wholesale Investor
Level 1, Parmelia House
191 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000, Australia

Contact Us

  • C#1, 1 The Esplanade, Mount Pleasant, WA 6153
  • +61 (8) 6507 4853
  • info@milleniumkapital.com