Millenium Kapital Limited

MKL works with experienced investors looking to grow their portfolios, along with guiding first-time investors new to the market in establishing a portfolio which will generate the highest return with mitigated risks.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Investments Pty Ltd and in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Limited Pte Ltd.

Current Investment Strategies

Millenium Kapital is currently in the exciting process of bringing our BVI arm (Millenium Kapital Ltd "MKL") public on the London Stock Exchange. We have begun the pre IPO rounds, with the intention of listing by April 2019. Within 180 days of listing, it is our intention to reverse an asset into MKL. The stock is intended to IPO at 3p.

MKL Strategy in Summary:

  • To become a listed cash shell on “Standard” on the London Stock Exchange.
  • Make acquisition in exchange for shares in the Company – eliminating the need to go back to the market immediately for a further capital raise.
  • Explore various options with regards to the acquisition of an asset once the company is listed, and then select deals with the greatest benefits for investors.

What this means for our Investors....

Early investors who come in at the current pre IPO offer of 2p have the potential to make 50% or more after the IPO at 3p and a further upside when an asset is reversed into the listed entity.

The model allows for promising companies to have access to a clean listed shell without the legacy issues which normally arise in a Reverse Takeover situation. This gives companies immediate access to the Public Capital necessary to grow and expand their business ventures.

More importantly, for the early stage investor, this presents an opportunity for an early ROI on their investments while mitigating the downside risks. Being a listed company, the investor is then able to exit on IPO, or at any other stage from there depending on his Investment Risk profile.

Our Business Model

MKL's business model is to have a listed shell up and running, inject an asset into it after it is listed and then reconstruct the company with a Professional Board. We select board members with relevant industry experience specific to the asset that it is reversed into the company, to ensure they are able to bring the company forward successfully.

Our Team


Cyril D'Silva

Executive Chairman

Cyril D’Silva was the Founder and Ex-Chairman of London listed Golden Saint Resources Ltd (LN: GSR), a junior gold and diamond exploration company. GSR listed on AIM on the London Stock Exchange in July 2013 and was voted Best Performing IPO for 2013 by Mining Weekly. He stepped down from the Board of GSR on 10th February 2016 to take up a full time position as Executive Director/CEO of Clayhill Capital Consultants.

Cyril D’Silva was also Executive Chairman of Narhex Life Science Limited (NLS - now known as RAP on the ASX) from 2013 to 2015.


Steve Ledger

Non-Executive Director

Steve is a commercially focused professional with vast experience throughout Australia, the UK and the US. As the founder of Ledger Corporate Chartered Accountants in 2003, Steve has provided commercial advisory and compliance services to clients ranging from private individuals and businesses to large publicly listed companies in a variety of specialist areas. In particular, Steve provides specialist tax, personal, and business advice.

Steve is currently Non-Executive Director for the ArcelorMittal Projects Australia. He acted as Company Secretary for New World Energy Limited and was Company Secretary for Golden Saint Resources Ltd when it was listed on  AIM on the London Stock Exchange on 19th July 2013. He was appointed to the board of Golden Saint Resources Ltd as Non-Executive Director and served in this position till 23rd November 2015.


Lina Tirado

Chief Executive Officer

Lina Tirado has been with Millenium Kapital Limited Pty Ltd as CEO and Director since January 2018. She joined Perth based Clayhill Capital Consultants Pty Ltd as General Manager in June 2016 and was appointed Director in January 2018.

During this period the company raised a total of GBP 1,700,000 for Golden Saint Resources Ltd, which was listed on AIM on The London Stock Exchange. She is also Director of Singapore based Millenium Kapital Pte Ltd and Quantum Fidelity Investments Pte Ltd, which are both private equity firms.


Joseph Muttupulle

Company Secretary

Joseph is a Chartered Accountant counting over thirty years of experience in professional practise (in Sri Lanka) and teaching and mentoring of trainees aspiring to be accountants. He was a Senior Partner in a professional practice firm in Colombo (Sri Lanka) from July 1977 to December 2009.

He has been a Member of CPA Australia from 2015, Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka since 1974, a founding Member of the Association of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka and Member of the International Fiscal Association (Netherlands).

Our Advisors

The following entities have been appointed to assist with preparing MKL for IPO in the first quarter of 2019.

English Law

Hill Dickinson LLP
The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street
London EC2A 2EW

Australian Law

Price Sierakowski
Level 24,StMartins Tower
44 St GeorgerTerrace
Perth WA 6000

Singapore Law

Tito Isaac & Co LLP
20A Circular Road
Singapore 049376


RSM Corporate Finance LLP
25 Farringdon Street
London EC4A 4AB

British Virgin Islands Law

Walkers (Singapore) Limited Liability Partnership
3 Church Street
#16-02 Samsung Hub
Singapore 049483

Private Investment Platform

Wholesale Investor
Level 1, Parmelia House
191 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000, Australia

Contact Us

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  • +61 (8) 6507 4853
  • info@milleniumkapital.com