Millenium Kapital Ltd

The Company's enlarged pre-IPO raising represents an exceptional early stage investment opportunity that can realise significant returns after the intended IPO. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity not to be missed.

We are currently represented in Perth by Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd, in Sierra Leone by Millenium Kapital (Africa) Limited and Millenium Gems Limited, and likewise in Singapore by Millenium Kapital Pte Ltd.

Corporate  Strategy

Public listing

Millenium Kapital Resources Ltd, which is our Australian arm, is currently in its early stage pre-IPO capital raising with the intention to apply to be listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia as soon as the Company meet the listing requirements. 


  • MKL has acquired 100% of the shares of Millenium Kapital (Africa) Limited in Sierra Leone, who have lodged the licence application for the mining tenements in the Zimmi area. These mining tenements are well-known to contain the much sought-after Yellow Canary Diamonds that carry a great premium over other yellow diamonds.
  • MKL entered into a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Green Gem Investments (GGI Corp), who are based in Colombia, South America, to acquire their portfolio of emerald projects. These projects are in varied stages of development from near production to greenfield opportunities in the Muzo and Yacopi region in Colombia. The acquisition is in exchange for a combination of working capital for the assets and shares in MKL.

Business model strategy in the first year

a. To do the early stage exploration, which would be soil testing and an aeromagnetic survey to determine the potential hotspots on the ground.

b. In order to generate early stage revenue, the company intends to buy diamonds and emeralds from artisanal miners in the respective areas, and have these cut and polished to be then sold to the market. 

What this means for our Investors...

Early investors that take up the pre-IPO raising have the potential to realize a significant return after the intended IPO. 

More importantly, for the early stage pre-IPO investors, this represents an opportunity for an early ROI on their investments while limiting the downside risks.

In becoming a public listed entity, investors are able to exit after the listing at a time of their own choosing depending on their investment risk profile.

Our Business Model

MKL's business model is to have a listed company up and running with early stage assets that have significant blue sky potential. In order to mitigate the exploration risks, besides having the mining tenements, MKL intends to purchase raw diamonds and emeralds from the artisanal miners around the respective areas, which will be cut, polished and then sold in order to generate revenue at an early stage. By being able to generate revenue in its first year of operations, the company can maintain a healthy cash fllow and MKL's shares will remain as an attractive investment proposition for potential investors.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Cyril D’Silva

Executive Chairman / CEO

Cyril D’Silva was the Founder and Ex-Chairman of London listed Golden Saint Resources Ltd (LN:…

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Robert Nigel Chapman


A UK qualified Geologist with 29 years’ international experience in precious, base metal, iron ore,…

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Lina Tirado


Holding a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Applied Finance, Lina started…

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Executive Technical Team

Robert Nigel Chapman

Chief Operating Officer

A UK qualified Geologist with 29 years’ international experience in precious, base metal, iron ore,…

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Alimamy R. Wurie

Technical Consultant

Mr. Alimamy R. Wurie is a Sierra Leonean by nationality. He was employed as a…

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Hassan Abass Kargbo

Exploration and Technical Manager

Hassan graduated with a Master’s degree in Structural geology and Economic geology from North Dakota…

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Management Team

Yuliana Roa


Yuliana has eight years of experience in general ledger, reconciliations and streamlining reports in the…

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David Rogers

General Manager (Millenium Kapital (Africa) Limited)

David is a Human Capital Development expert with over 20 year’s industry experience in the…

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Rosli Bin Abdul Ghani (ICPS)

Regional Representative for South East Asia

Rosli served with the Singapore Police Force for 26 years and retired in June 2004….

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