MKL to Seek Listing on LSE

Millenium Kapital Ltd intends to seek a listing on the ‘standard’ section of the London Stock Exchange in the first quarter of 2019. The company is currently raising working capital at 2 pence having completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the pre-IPO raising. Its intention is to float MKL at 3 pence with a maximum of 100 million shares on issue and is targeting to raise a total of £1,450,000, which will include IPO and pre-IPO expenses.

MKL positions itself as a company that can structure deals and assist startup companies access capital by going public on to a relevant stock exchange where it can get access to public funding to expand its business and at the same time providing early stage investment opportunities for MKL clients while mitigating the downside risks associated with the stock market. The company is currently evaluating several business opportunities that it intends to recommend to the board after its potential listing in London.

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