MKL attended Australasia’s flagship investment conference powered by Wholesale Investor

On the last week of February, the team at Millenium Kapital Ltd (MKL) attended Emergence 2020, an Australasia’s flagship investment conference powered by Wholesale Investor. The event was held at the Hilton Sydney and had 2,500 attendees over three days, where MKL had the great opportunity to talk about the upcoming IPO and to further explain the special nature of the Zimmi Yellow Diamonds to the public. It is shows like this that will make the investing public more aware of the quality of the Zimmi Diamonds, its intrinsic value and the potential blue-sky value of MKL post-IPO.
The team also had the opportunity of meeting up with Tamara Gabay, a representative of Sarine Technologies, which is the world leader in the development and manufacturing of advance systems for diamond technologies and gemstone production. Their products include devices for the planning, analysis and grading of rough and polished diamonds that can potentially add value to our diamonds in both the uncut and polished diamond stages. We look forward to the opportunity of establishing a working relationship in the future once we reach our production phase. The Zimmi diamonds are rare and unique and as such the finished product would need to be approached differently to extract maximum value from the diamonds produced.
MKL’s strategy post-IPO is about producing high quality diamonds that will excite the market and add value to its share price. The Diamond game is difficult but spectacular, all it takes is a few good diamonds to turn the company cash positive, which can come from both the proceeds of exploration and from selective buying from artisanal miners for early stage revenue.
We are following up on the leads we captured from Emergence 2020, which include potential clients that have expressed interest in participating in the pre-IPO and a Diamond Fund that is exploring the possibilities of funding our intended diamond purchases from artisanal miners.
We look forward to keeping you updated on the progress of our IPO as we move along.