MKL to acquire mining tenements in Zimmi, Sierra Leone

MKL has decided to acquire mining tenements in Zimmi , Sierra Leone. This mining area has been known to produce some of the world’s most amazing canary diamonds. Zimmi  refers to a small town in the Pujehun district of Sierra Leone, located right in the middle of the ‘Moa” and “Mano” rivers’ Delta.

The “Vivid Fancy Yellows” are known to have fetched as high as $105,000 per carat. A fancy vivid orangy yellow octagonal step-cut diamond weighing approximately 10.30 carats fetched CHF  2,107,500 (approx. A$2,986,844)  at a Christie’s Auction in 2106  in Geneva.

The color saturation level of a Zimmi Canary Yellow diamond doubles that of other vivid yellow diamonds since with time and heat , isolated nitrogen impurities in the lattice tend to aggregate  and this results in larger defects and ads more aura to the discoveries of such diamonds in the region.