MKL to seek dual listing on LSE and NSX

Millenium Kapital Ltd intends to seek a listing on the ‘standard’ section of the London Stock Exchange (LSE) and on the National Stock Exchange (NSX) of Australia in the last quarter of 2019. It is currently evaluating several business opportunities that it intends to recommend to the board after its potential listing in London and in Australia.

The company has decided to cancel the 2p pre-IPO raising and to do the complete pre-IPO raising at 1p due to expressions of interest received from potential investors wanting to take a great part of the pre-IPO raising at 1p. Additionally, the company’s intention is to float MKL at 5p, which will represent an initial profit of 400% from the Pre-IPO subscription, with a maximum of 134 million shares on issue and its targeting to raise a total of £1,850,240, which will include IPO and pre-IPO expenses.

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